Our company, in order to act in accordance with transparency, honesty, ethics, laws and regulations, which are the main points of sustainability, and to fulfill obligations in a timely manner, to act within the framework of international laws and regulations, our company recognizes the rights of its customers, transparency in its own internal practices and certain problems that customers may have. It is a board that gathers ideas by working with some consultants (such as law, logistics and some associations) who have advanced experience on the subject, discussing these ideas within the company and sharing these ideas with people who have their own work or potential information needs in accordance with the scope of personal data protection. .

Our company discusses its administrative decisions together with the "Customer Advisors Board" at regular meetings every 6 months. These meetings are held with customers or potential customer officials on regular dates, and the instructions given by this board on issues that constitute common complaints of companies and are relevant for the sustainability of our company, service standards, our targets, and the deficiencies of our company, and internal issues are connected to the executive conclusion calendars, external issues are evaluated by working with the necessary lawyers or experts.

The Customer Rights Protection Board is a body established for the external work of the decisions made by the Customer Advisors Board.