First aid is the first intervention made without medication as suddenly illnesses or accidents come to the attention of the health personnel to the person or persons. In many cases, such as heart attack, traffic accidents, injuries, the emergency ambulance can take hours instead of the scene. This time can sometimes be too great for those who need emergency assistance. When health officials arrive, the lives of people can be saved with proper first aid practices. It is as knowledgeable and conscious about first aid as it is the precaution of first aid. In this context, the intervention to be carried out in the first 5 minutes in order to sustain the vital activities can be vital. As UGM, we gathered together on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for training on replenishment / updating for our employees who renewed their certificates every three years at the Manolya Meeting Hall in our Headquarters. In education, information about basic life support practice is given to the students in order to learn the basic life support practices, such as hemorrhages, injuries, burns, freezing, hot strikes, fractures, unconsciousness, poisonings, animal bites, drowning, the transfer of the patient or injury, and the theoretical part of the first aid training were discussed. After the theoretical training, the implementation phase was passed and the necessary things to be done during the physical intervention were explained. Our employees who have successfully completed the training have been presented with new certifications for the officials of MAT First Aid Education Institution.