The “Personal Image in Women In Order To Be Able to Affect the Professional Life” themed seminar was presented byBilgi University Faculty of Communication Instructor Asst. Prof. Dr. Dear ItırErhartBeyazyürek to our participants on 16 October 2015 Friday at 12:30 in MHÜ Conference Hall in the scope of UGA Noon Talks with the contributions of Ünsped Development Academy and Ünsped Women Leadership Development Committee. Our awareness seminar in which the theme that in order for women to make their presence felt in business life as well as in other areas of the communal living, the participation in decision making processes of non-governmental organizations should increase, the awareness works on the topic in question should be improved, and that to take place in those folds shall make working women more effective, had ended with the plaque ceremony in which our Chairman of the Board Dear Mr.Gürbüz Hocaoğlu participated and the lunch that was eaten together.