Marketing and Finance Summit carried out in December of each year by ITU Investment Club operating Istanbul Technical University, the Faculty of Business Administration was held in ITU Macka Campus this year on December 8 to 9, 2014.ITU Investment Clubaiming to expand their horizons by bringing together university students with successful managers in marketing and finance has organized 13 panel accompanied by expert speakers in their fields, our CEO Dr.HakanCinarhas taken his place as a speaker on the panel namedReducing Costs with Innovation in Logistics.

Yildiz Technical University Quality and Efficiency Club held its "International Logistics Training Camp" for the 10th time this year.In the first session held in Besiktas Campus in Yıldız Technical University on 16-17-18 December, our CEO Dr.HakanCinar has been included in the training camp by “Supply Chain as a Competitive Mean" issue.Seminars, panel discussions, workshops and knowledge contests are organized in the event, which leading quality, known and qualified names take placeas a speaker. 

"My career Logistics 2" seminar of Kavram Vocational School has been carried out on Wednesday December 24, 2014 at SisliCampus;our CEO Dr.HakanCinar has been involved in related activities as a speaker.