As of July 2023, Ünsped Customs Consultancy and Logistics Services Inc. provides Security Data Form preparation services. MSDSs are prepared by Yusuf Melek, Chemical Evaluation Specialist, a graduate of Boğaziçi University Chemistry Department. MSDS Delivery time is maximum 3 working days. Requests can be answered the same day or the next business day, depending on demand.


MSDS, its mean Safety Data Sheet (SDS), is a document that provides information on health, safety and environmental risks related to the safe use of chemicals. The SDS includes the hazards of the chemical, the precautions for its use, the emergency scenarios and the legislation that must be followed. This document helps users protect their health and safety, protect the environment, and deal with potential emergencies. In Türkiye, MSDS is prepared as SDS under KKDIK legislation and is prepared in accordance with international standards.


The Safety Data Sheet is a mandatory document for hazardous chemicals and products. This document is prepared in Turkish by businesses that produce, import, distribute or use chemicals.

The Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with KKDIK Annex-2 and by a certified chemical assessment expert according to Annex-18.