Elbow grease period is over

Today, those who work with the grease of reason win. In a digitized world, from health to finance, from energy to food, the way all sectors do business is changing. The established industrial structures are being redefined. New industries are being born that didn't exist before.

A study by the World Economic Forum gives clues about which of the technologies that are new to our lives are transforming our business models the most. According to the study, the Internet of things, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, three-dimensional printing and new energy sources have begun to transform ways of doing business. In the coming years, we will experience the impact of advanced robotics and autonomous transportation, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and genomics.
To make a process ranging from raw materials to after-sales services more efficient, it is necessary to digitize. It also adds a new understanding to the competition.

Digitalization will also enable companies to take healthy and fast decisions, achieve an error-free and transparent management, provide advantages in competition with world companies, and act more results-oriented instead of seeking and waiting for excellence.