Since its foundation in September 2013; Ünsped Development Academy has presented following trainings to its personnel and to its  customers as well.

351 trainings for Corporate and Personal Development,

352 trainings for Basic and Professional Orientations,

846 trainings for Career Development,

412 trainings regarding Legal Obligations

Totaly in 10989 training hours, 34626 participators received various trainings with an avarege of 18 hours/person in 2019. All the trainings mentioned above are repeated every year.  

Basic Orientation Programs: Compulsory training for introducing the structure of the company and the company culture for our newly started employees from the moment of employment regarding the way of doing business, ethical principles and OHS principles..

Professional Orientation Programs: Trainings that aim to ensure that our newly started employees and our employees who change their departments will comply with the systems used in the management of legislation applications processes.

Professional Development Programs: These are the trainings, organized in order to inform our employees with the current regulations and technological developments and to change the newly added regulations and to increase their knowledge.

Corporate Development Programs: These trainings are aimed at strengthening communication and directing employees to participatory management approach in order to establish the link between strategic plans and company activities.

Personal Development Programs: These are the trainings aimed at increasing the individual activities and development of our employees in their work and social lives.


Foreign Customer Seminars, Trainings:  These are the basic and / or advanced level trainings in which foreign trade, customs legislation and practices are transferred to the institution specially regarding the training needs of the Chambers, Associations, Universities and Companies, based on all stages of the supply chain in international trade.

Legal Obligation Training Programs: These are trainings required by law, in order to minimize the possibility of an occupational accident during the work and to prevent health problems that may occur due to the working environment.


Legislation for Basic Orientation and Trainings Required by Law;

R.G. 5237 Turkish Criminal Code dated 12.10.2004 and numbered 25611, R.G.5607Anti-Smuggling Law numbered 26479 and dated 31.03.2005, R. G. 4054 Law on the protection of competition dated 13.12.1994 and numbered 22140, U.S. Corrupt Practices Act on foreigners (FCPA) dated 1997, The UK Anti-Bribery Act (UK Bribery Act) of 2010, Decision on the Implementation, Coordination and monitoring of the Turkish national program on the adoption of the European Union Legislation Against Corruption dated 24 March 2001, Council Of Europe Private Law Convention Against Corruption of 17 April 2003 (Ratified By Law No. 4852), United Nations Convention against Corruption Of 10 December 2003, OECD Convention on the Prevention of bribery to foreign public officials in International Business Transactions of 1 February 2000 (approved by law no. 4518), Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 of 20 June 2012 and related regulations.