The World Customs Cooperation Council, which undertook important tasks regarding the facilitation, development of the international trade and elimination of barriers, had officially begun its activities in 1953 by the subscription by 17 countries and was renamed on October 1st 1994 as the World Customs Organization. January 26th of each year was declared as the “World Customs Day”, inspired by the first meeting of the World Customs Cooperation Council on January 26th 1953. We have celebrated our day on Friday, January 24th with a special Cocktail in our company Headquarters. Our customs consultant, Mr. Mustafa Sağdıç, has made a special presentation regarding the day. Our company, which provides services to the sector as a brand with its experience of 32 years, its quality and customers, congratulates the world customs day of its whole personnel as the Unsped family, its customers and the sector and hopes to meet again at many other nice days and events.