Ankara Development Agency carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, started to implement the "Foreign Trade Intelligence Center Project" last year. Now, within the scope of this project, which was initiated in Ankara and established in 5 regions, the way for exports is paved with 5.5 million dollars of support to 130 companies.

Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Emine Doğrukök stated that the project will significantly contribute to exports and that the project, which has been ongoing for about two years, will support the commercial activities of the companies. In this context, both theoretical and practical training will be given to the participants. On the subject, Doğrukök stated, "More than 5.5 million dollars of exports were made to 130 companies from our five foreign trade intelligence centers. Exports were mostly made to the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe." In addition, Doğrukök stated that they aim to contribute to Ankara's exports with this project and said that nearly 250 commercial intelligence experts have been trained so far within the framework of the work. Pointing out that these experts are supported with "continuation training," Doğrukök stated that they provided six months of commercial intelligence consultancy support to 60 companies with the Foreign Trade Mentoring Program.

Ankara is a City with High Potential

Making statements about the project, Doğrukök emphasized that the capital has a very high potential. Doğrukök said, "Ankara is a city with a high potential for technological production with its 21 universities, 13 organized industrial zones, 11 technology development zones, 142 R&D centers, and 37 design centers. Connection to services and models and value-added breaking production are important for development." "This portable export is also essential," she said.

Compliance with Digital Transformation is a Must

The increasing digitalization of customs and logistics services makes it necessary to keep up with the developments in this field. Therefore, with the changing times, sectoral renewals draw a profile supporting exports and imports. In this context, Doğrukök drew attention to the importance of green and digital transformation and said: "We also have financial support and mentoring programs that will contribute to the digital transformation of our companies. Within the scope of the TechAnkara Project Market, we support our companies that are already operating in the digital field with training. We also provide a platform service in the field of foreign trade." "We are aware that digitalization is important. We evaluate all requests from our stakeholders and provide all the support to meet the needs of the field and the region."