Internship is the working style that provides you with practical information in the business world where you learn about your academic life. In this way, it is aimed that students who are about to complete their education adapt to their business life and develop their skills. The first step in your business life is to say an internship. When employers accept the right internship, they enter into an observation process in order to work with them for a long time, education becomes a contributing factor and they have realized one of their social responsibilities. Trainees have the opportunity to meet with the individual from within the business world. As they have work experience, they are able to choose the area they want to navigate more easily. If they like the firm they are practicing and wants to continue working in that firm they will have more priority than a person who will apply from outside. Individuals who do not want to stay in the firm or do not have a chance to stay in the internship have the luxury of responding  positively to the question of "do you have work experience" when they apply to another firm. 

The trainee recognizes the business environment and has the opportunity to see what kind of environment he or she is working in before going into business life, By observing the environment it is possible to know which department is suitable for which position. What's more, s/he also sees if his/her desired career suits him/her in real life, and if not, before s/he's too late, s/he makes new plans and sets new targets while there is still luck. The trainee establishes links, recognizes people with internships. In today's network era, it has formed the first profiles of the circle that will be connected to the entire career with various career portals. The intern translates the internship into a business opportunity; if he / she demonstrates his / her internship potential, and if the company meets his / her career goal, he / she may meet with a job proposal with his / her graduation. Large-scale companies prefer to grow their own staff, which is for to help them obtain the institution culture. The trainee is dependent on the company because s/he has not seen another institution, and in the business world the employer prefers his/her own employee. Intern contributes to professional development; theoretical knowledge learned in school is put into practice with internship. In this way, they will learn even a small mistake can lead to something bigger. The trainee increases self-confidence; When he first enters the professional business life, s/he will not start with zero knowledge in the internship period. In summary, students have developed their skills by practicing internships, have gained experience, improved their practice, met professional people, and acquired ideas for directing their careers.

Our company opened its doors to high school, associate degree and undergraduate students on 2018-2019 academic year this year. Through the interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department, the valuable students were placed in departments related to the branch they were studying in the dates determined by their schools. They included Basic Orientation and OSH Training on their first business days. On July 4, 2018, our shareholders - General Manager A. Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK Our interns and the headquarters came together in a meeting meeting with a dinner at the Manolya Meeting Hall, Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK shared his memories of high school and university, his first years in the sector and his later developments with the students. Mr. Yusuf Bulut Öztürk, who answered the questions from the students with great sincerity, gave examples from our employees starting from the internship in the company. We ended our organization with collective photographs.