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Technical Arrangements

The primary transactions in relation to theTechnical Arrangements as below:

TAREKS Applications

All transaction processes of the Ministry of Economy within the scope of the risk-based control system in foreign trade are conducted by our expert staff members.


TSE Conformity Assessment Transactions


Conformity assessment processes are conducted in the fastest and the most effective way at the Importation Directorates of the Turkish Standards Institute by the hand of a professional team, which istrained and experienced in its field.

Transactions of the Product Auditors Group Presidency

All the processes of the conformity assessments, done by the Product Auditors Group Presidencies within the structure of the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Economy, are conducted by our expert staff members, located at these units.

Measurements and Adjustments Transactions

Measurement adjustment transactions services, conducted within the structure of the Provincial Directorates of Science Industry and Technology, are rendered by an experienced and expert team. 

Warranty Certificate Transactions

In case of request, consultancy services are rendered for establishment of necessary service networks and issuing of certificates for post-sales service adequacy and certificates of warranty, approved by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Conformity Assessment Transactions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Conformity letters, control certificates and special permits, which have to be obtained from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, are followed up and concluded with our expert teams rapidly and effectively at our agriculture offices.

Importation Permit Transactions for Second-Hand/Overhauled Articles


Second-hand article importation permit transactions are carried out for the articles, being preparedfor an order within the framework of the relevant legislations of the Ministry of Economy.

Technical Arrangements Document Information Examination Transactions

In case of request, examinations and assessments relating to up-to-dateness and validity of technical documents, information of the products, subject to conformity assessment, are carried out; possible risks are eliminated with experienced staff members.


ÜNSPED renders pre-importation or pre-order consultancy services for all the conformity assessment activities to its customers, making a request, with its professional staff members.

Special Permits

Special project based transactions, subject to a conformity assessment, are conducted and followed up.

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