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In our foreign trade legislation, particularly due to European Union harmonization studies and on account the fact that the Far East countries dispatch goods with prices, breaking domestic market balance of Turkey, increase of protection measures has been adopted as a remedy. Customs Code, Customs Regulation, Product Safety and Inspection, Unfair Competition, Protection Measures and Surveillance Practices in Importation, Fighting against Smuggling and such legislation transactions constantly go through some amendments and are updated. Our legislation department follows upthese amendments in the best and fastest way and makes them known to our customers and trainings and seminars are organized for comprehensive changes. The legislative amendments, published in the Official Gazette, and the circulars, consisting of legislative amendments of customs, foreign trade, agriculture, health and the similar organizations are regularly announced by way of e-mail and in “the Circular” section in our web page.

Among our services within this scope;

• Fixation of the Customs Tariff Statistical Status of the article to be imported or exported; issuance of Approved Person Status Certificate (OKSB), Binding Tariff Information (BTB), to get tariff information for the chemical substances, which are out of the binding tariff information, to guide and to give opinions and recommendations for the requests given within the scope of Authorized Obligation and Customs Reconciliation Regulation. In case of authorization by the company for reconciliation, participation in the meetings and signing of reconciliation minutes. 


• To present opinions as to the issues, determined in the Evaluation Report, issued for the importations subject to auditing to be made at the workplaces of our customers by the auditing personnel of the Ministry of Customs and Trade with consideration of the provisions of the Regulation on Post-Release Control and Control of Transactions at Risk,

•To respond to questions and problems with customs and foreign trade issues, which our customers are eager to learn in the field of international goods trade and to produce solutions,

• To conduct ADMINISTRATIVE OBJECTION procedures, stipulated in the customs legislation for controversial additional accrual and fines on the part of our customers, arising from the customs administrations and the relevant customs taxes; in the event that the objections made are settled against the customer, to give consultancy services with a decision to bring an action by THE ADMINISTRATIVE JURISDICTION for cancellation of the administrative transaction,

• To respond to the questions of our customers relating to Foreign Trade in parallel with the legal arrangements, fixation of data as to solution of the issues arising or possible to arise and to helpelimination of the issue in the shortest time.



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