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Legal Counselling

The fact that foreign trade, customs and banking legislation constantly go through amendments let alone its complexity makes specialization in legal services and building connection between the relevant legislation and the general provisions mandatory. Such legal services rendered are at the same time an assurance for our companies, and makes upthe guarantee that the matter does not end upwith smuggling accusation.


ÜNSPED shares the customs and foreign trade conflicts of the companies to which it renders service with the legal service it has established within its structure with the law offices, specialized in the customs, foreign trade and tax fields, and it archives the precedents for the purpose of reaching the most accurate result. Legal conflicts arising between the customs administrations and the companies to which it renders service due to various reasons are followed upon electronic environment in order for use of administrative objection or remedies; particularly necessary warnings are given to the companies to which it renders service in the field of administrative objection and litigation terms.

The legal conflicts arising are controlled and followed upfrom a single center on a company basis and are archived, and every single stage from start of the conflict to its conclusion is monitored and information is given to the company and customs administration. Besides, with the infrastructure we have established, we make it possible that the relevant companies control the entire legal process.  

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