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Interactive Services


 You can track all customs operations we do 24/7 via E-Service with the user account information that was provided to you.

 You can access import, export declarations and business follow-upinformation as well as obtain reports on current account statements and your customs operations from our E-Service page.

You can access our E-Service page from http://e-service.ugl.com.tr address. In order to become a member fill the petition form in the link below and send it to 0212 410 23 80 numbered fax, signed by complaints executive.

E-Service Petition

Business Follow-upPetition


Digital Archiving

 All documents of the customs operations performed by our company are transferred to electronic environment with digital archiving system.

The user account information given to our customers so that they can access the documents belonging to them, are provided for them to connect to digital archive system from E-Service page http://e-service.ugl.com.tr


 Accounting and Billing Information Transfer (A.B.I.T.)

 A.B.I.T. and our Current Basic Operation Structure;

• Sending invoice and receipt to customers

• Writing receipt for expenses

• Invoicing the services

• Sending documents to you.

 We are not changing tis structure during the A.B.I.T. period. We are just delivering the same operation electronically.

As the result of the operation that triggers your import or export processes to come to accounting after the operation, our pre-accountancy department prepares your files. The files that are prepared are delivered to our courier department in the same evening. The original documents are delivered to you the next day. This is our standard original document operation.

The information about the operation we performed, the pre-accountancy and financial activities are kept in the same database. Data transfer from this database can be provided in any form, to any address and in any time. On the side of our customers, this data should be used, after those documents which are approved are in the condition to be entered to our customer system. The real copy entries are compared from automation or interface program that is prepared by our customers. Data which is flexible enough that the necessary corrections can be made is transferred to accounting systems of our customers with one touch.


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