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Incentive Consultancy

Interior processing permit

Firms can import the raw materials they need for production by benefitting from customs exemption and VAT exemption in the scope of Inward processing Authorization Certificate (IpAC). Aside from benefitting from customs tax and fee exemptions the firms which use DIR also gain and important advantage by not being subjected to trade policy precautions and not paying 6% KKDF in timed import processes.


Exterior processing permit

The Outward processing License which is advantageous for firms that want to do some or all the production abroad provides customs tax discount for products which comeback after processing. This way firms got the advantage of not paying high customs taxes for products whose raw materials were sent from Turkey during their re - import to Turkey. Aside from Outward processing License consultancy for obtaining and closing Outward processing License in the scope of Inward processing are provided.


Investment Incentive Certificate

 Firms can benefit  from investment incentives for entirely new investments or modernization of existing facilities. Incentive System is applied under General Incentive Application Regional Incentive Applications Large Scale Investments and Strategical Investments headlines. Along with mainly providing customs tax and VAT exemptions, Investment Incentive Certificate also provides various tax advantages that differentiate from region to region and sector to sector.


Design Support

In order to ensure that design culture will improve in Turkey, the aims to cover the expenses of design companies, design offices and unions, design associations - unions related to publicity advertising marketing employment consultancy and expenses related to the units they will establish abroad from Support and price Stabilization Fund.


Support to Market penetration Certificates

 companies which are engaged in commercial and industrial activity in Turkey

• Companies which operate in agricultural or software sector

• International Trading Companies (ITC)

• Sectorial Foreign Trade Companies (SFTC)

 In order to ensure that companies which are engaged in commercial or industrial activity, or operate in agricultural or software sectors comply with technical legislations regarding the environment, quality and human health, a specific part of the expenses related to quality and environment documents that will be obtained from accredited agencies and/or institutes and marks showing the safety and protection of human life and property, and laboratory analysis and documentation processes related agricultural products is aimed to be covered from Support and price Stabilization Fund.  


TURQUALITY programme


 Brand Building for Turkish products in Abroad, Image Building for Turkish Made products and TURQUALITY®

The aim is to cover all expenses related to foreign publicity of the sectors of the exporters’ associations, Manufacturers’ unions and Manufacturers’ associations, expenses related to brand building for the products of companies which engage in commercial and/or industrial activities in Turkey, expenses related to the supports that Exporters’’Associations will give for brand building in Turkey and in abroad in the scope of TURQUALITY® program, expenses related to all activities and organizations done for Turkish brands to enter in and hold on in the market, and expenses for activities in Turkey and abroad related to building and placing a positive Turkish Made product image, from Support and price Stabilization Fund according to international rules.

The statistics that show the patent awareness is increasing day by day in Turkey proves that a macro level success will be gained shortly. According to the reports of Turkish patent Institute, Turkey holds the first place in patent application in Europe for the last year.

About Issuing the TURQUALITY® Certificate;

It is the ıssuance of TURQUALITY® certificate that will be permitted to be used in the scope of the approval of Turquality Committee, in accordance with "Manifest about Brand Building in Abroad for Turkish products and Supporting the Activities for Sticking Turkish Made product Image”.

Turquality-From Turkey phrase meansTURQUALITY® certificate whose design is below and fund is pantone 3125 C, and which is under the protection of Ministry of Economy in the scope of article 7, paragraph 1, sub-clause (g) of 556 numbered Statutory Decree about protection of Brands.  


Support to Unit, Brand and promotion Activities Abroad

Who Can Benefit?

• The companies which are engaged in commercial and industrial activity in Turkeyand cooperating organizations

To cover expenses related to publicity and/or brand registry activities for ensuring theextensive and long-term publicity in abroad for the companies that engage in commercial/industrial activity or operate in software sector, and expenses related to the units they opened or will open in abroad for the trade of goods,from Support and price Stabilization Fund according to international rules.


Support to Fair participations Abroad

Who Can Benefit?

• Organizers that organize foreign expositions, the firms and establishments that participate the exposition in question and firms and establishments that individually participate in sectorial international expositions.

To support our export by ensuring the participation of our firms to foreign expositions and the individual participation to sectorial international expositions, and publicizing and marketing Turkish export products. 



Market Research and Market penetration Support

Who Can Benefit?

• The companies which are engaged in commercial and industrial activity in Turkey and software companies

A- Foreign Market Research Support

To cover the expenses for the travels related to foreign market research that is performed by industrial and/or commercial companies and companies that operate in software sector.

B- Report and Company Acquisition Support

To cover the expenses related to reports (including financial and legal reports) that are made by international establishments and focused on acquired sector, country, foreign company or brand in order to create an action plan for access to market strategies focused on abroad, and expenses related to consultancy services (including financial and legal consultancy) for foreign company acquisitions.

C- Sectorial Trade Delegation and procurement Committee programs Support

To support expenses related to programs of sectorial trade delegations and procurement committees that are organized by Organizer establishments with the coordination of the Ministry.

D- Support for Membershipto E-Trade Websites

To cover the expenses for the membershipof the companies to the e-trade websites that are not for end-users. 


Support to Development of International Competitiveness

Who Can Benefit?

Collective, stock, limited and cooperative companies that are engaged in commercial and/or industrial activities or operate in software sector, stated in article 136 of Turkish Trade Code. Maximum 4 people from each company can join to any given training program.

A- Training programs that Trainers will Organize

To support the expenses for the training for increasing the competitive power of the companies that are engaged in industrial and/or commercial activities in Turkey and companies that operate in software sector in international market.

B- Support for Training, Consultancy, Foreign Marketing, procurement Committee and Individual Consultancy programs and Employment Expenses Based on projects 

To support the project based expenses, which are found suitable by the Ministry, of cooperation establishments.  


Employment Support

The aim is to ensure the employment of manager and staff who are experienced in their subject and have higher education in order to exclusively handle the foreign trade related processes of the firms who possess the title of Sectorial Foreign Trade Company.  


Support to participation in Domestic International Specialization Fairs

Who Can Benefit?

• Firms that organize can benefit.

It is a support for ensuring the foreign publicity of domestic specialization expositions with international quality and increasing the international participation. A Specific part of the expenses of domestic organizers that comply with the criteria that is to be set by the Ministry of Economy, for publicity and promotion activities before and during the exposition will be covered.



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