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Importation Clearance

Our Importation Department has specialized on a sectoral basis so as to render a better service to our customers and to speak the same language as the customer with a knowledge of the operation in the sector in which our customers are in service. It operates with a customer representative system for the purpose of determining differentiating customer needs more accurately and communicating better. Our expert staff, which are cognizant of significance of speed as well as accurate performance of transactions in foreign trade get the needed support from all departments in our company so as to fulfill the requirement of the work. 

Our Importation Department carries out applications relating to all kinds of preliminary permissions, which have to be obtained before the importation transactions (Certificate of Enrollment, TSE, CE, Permission from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Imported License, İŞGÜM etc.), obtainment of permissions and procurement of the documents from the relevant organization itself. As the reflection of the principles of transparency and honesty to our studies during follow-upof all processes, all the processes of the transactions are measured and are shared online with our customers. Integration of new technologies by being put to use in work flows keeps pace with the digitalizing world and progresses on the way to increase efficiency and savings.

The reports of all our transactions are actively prepared systemically and their transfer is ensured automatically within the target periods so as to facilitate the transaction follow-upof our customer. Depending on the requests of our companies, varying report studies are conducted and shared. 


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