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The Consultancy Services Department performs the functions such as provision of consultancy services for obtaining international AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificates - YYS (Turkish abbreviation meaning Authorised Economic Operator) certificates, including, in particular the consultancy services provided in relation to the certificates obtained for facilitation of trade and allowing for cost minimization and acceleration of activities for companies, making the preparations for the requirements related with the national OKS certificate (Approved Status Certificate) and the Customs Clearance Before Arrival process and ensuring the follow-up of the process upon submission of the application together with the other documents for obtaining such certificates from the Regional Directorate of Customs and Foreign Trade, and conducting preparatory audits for post-clearance examinations and submitting them to companies’ managements in the form of reports in order to ensure that they are ready and prepared for any scheduled or unscheduled audits under Post-Clearance Examinations conducted by GTB (Ministry of Customs and Trade) Department of Guidance and Inspection.

The following activities stipulated among the requirements for obtaining and maintenance of the international AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificates – YYS (Turkish abbreviation for Authorised Economic Operator) certificates are also provided:

1- Provision of training by experienced and competent Customs Brokers/Consultants within the scope of the training required to be obtained every year by the companies holding YYS certificates.

2- Performing the activities such as the audit required to be conducted every year for the companies holding YYS certificates within the scope of their annual reports and indicating whether they still meet the YYS criteria and completion of the related ANNEX 22/A and ANNEX-22/B forms following such audit.

3- Review/examination of the declarations of companies holding YYS certificates, which were processed in the last 1 year, through sampling method and submitting the Foreign Trade Movement of Goods Audit Report issued as a result of such activities to the company.

4- Completion of ANNEX-2 questionnaire form arranged every 3 years following certification of companies holding YYS certificates, review and revision of Annex-2 questionnaire form together with its changed elements and forwarding it to the General Directorate of Risk Management and Control.

The Consultancy Services Department also covers the consultancy services provided in the field of development of possible business processes related with investment Incentive, Inward Processing and Free Zones.


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