We Have Handled the Topic of the Leadership Purse of a Business Woman together with Mrs. Aylin SATUN OLSUN, the Managing Partner of ASO Company –the General Secretary of PWN Istanbul

We came together at Manolya Meeting Hall of our Headquarters at 09:30 – 12:30 on the date of 09.06.2018 so as to handle the topic of “the Leadership Purse of a Business Woman”. Mrs. Aylin SATUN OLSUN starting on her presentation after directing the questions Do we know one another? Or have we ever given a thought on our own values? has conveyed the matters of the kind of leadership that we observe around and its impacts on us, the general approach to leadership and its particularities with the emphasis on woman circles, sharing and co-learning. 

Mrs. Aylin SATUN OLSUN telling about the major issues that are being encountered by the business world today, has emphasized the kind of progression that the concept of leadership has obtained in the 21rst Century. Mrs. Aylin SATUN OLSUN conveying that we could associate the balances in the business world with the Newtonian thought, has told that the Newtonian thought based all the things on 3 basic laws being the absolute space, absolute time and absolute precision; besides, she has mentioned that separate (particle) atoms that are connected to each other on the basis of cause-effect laws within a physical universe order that continues like a machine are in a relationship of necessity or interaction and bearing it in mind, the Newtonian perspective comprised some key words like prediction, control and programmes and has conveyed to us “how we could predict and control” the complexity in today’s world, “how we could programme” the chaos. 

Mrs. OLSUN conveying that a logical, target-oriented thought functions like a desktop programme, has touched on the fact that we have to create a new I every 7 years definitely after telling that we have to create a difference in the existing uncertainty. Mrs. Aylin SATUN OLSUN has given the message that we have to be looking for a meaning, every field that we are improving will ensure our being beneficial to the other fields, we have to take action with determination and it is never too late for them. 

Mrs. Aylin Satun Olsun has put an end to her presentation by sharing the fact that the 12 magical skills in Leadership in the 21rst century is made up of the concepts of culture of reconciliation, ethics, sales skills, determination, being able to start from scratch, chance, being a likeable person, expanding the personal network and sponsorship, leadership/imagination, ability to learn, generosity and respect. 

11-06-2018 04:05
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