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"Our Young population is a Big Advantage for Industry 4.0" Themed Seminar Took Place

On 30 January 2019, within the scope of Enlightenment Meetings, Balinler Uluslararası Tekstil San. ve Tic. AŞ Chair of Board of Managers Mr. Veysi BALİN was with us as the guest speaker of Young Generation Leadership Committee. We discussed "Our Young population is a Big Advantage for Industry 4.0" theme with him.

Mr. BALİN discussed the topics of what is the ecosystem in our world, what is the equivalent of the ecosystem, love and ecosystem, his thoughts on entrepreneurship, who is professional entrepreneur, how to do it, what to do about inflation and unemployment. 

Mr. Veysi BALİN who shared that ecosystem is all systems that consist of organisms in unity and the physical aspects around them, said that the system includes living creatures circulating, transforming and accumulating energy and matter via the environment and its effects; that it consists of thoughts, dreams, beliefs, administration, finance, science and technology, social, political and cultural, legal and management systems and that all of them are evaluated together. Mr. BALİN defined the ecosystem with love and said that production begins with love, love transforms to people, at heart; it holds all the dynamics of dream, design, entrepreneurship, production and economy. 

Mr. BALİN who said that Our Young population is a Big Advantage for Industry 4.0, stated that we entered to a new age with Industry 4.0, therefore the economic order that we are used will differ, while some lines of work and occupations will disappear, new lines of work will appear, and shared that it is a big advantage that our young population to adapt to new technologies, to complete their occupational education in new technologies. 

Our seminar ended with the souvenir presented by our Young Generation Leadership Development Committee to our guest. 

01-02-2019 09:07
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